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Tiny Keys – EPK (English)

  1. To a Wild Rose Op.51, n°1 - MacDowell Raphaël Angelini 1:09
  2. Allegro in Bb Major, K.3 - Mozart Raphaël Angelini 0:26
  3. Etude de virtuosite Op.72, n°6 - Moszkowski Raphaël Angelini 0:22
  4. Étude, Op.46 n°11 - Heller Raphaël Angelini 0:26
  5. Etude Op.29 - Bertini Raphaël Angelini 0:12
  6. Jingle Bells Liszt Raphaël Angelini 0:51
  7. The Easy Winners - Joplin Raphaël Angelini 0:35


An album for piano students

« This album, whose title was found by my brilliant friend Axel Denhaerinck, has been germinating in my mind for many years. It answers the request of several of my students, eager to learn classical
piano pieces that are pleasant and inspiring. The project finally came to life with this first Opus of « Tiny Keys » which calls for many others! It would indeed take thousands of lives to record even just a part of the pedagogical piano repertoire
» – Raphaël Angelini

Produced and recorded by the artist

Raphaël Angelini wanted to remain true to the spirit of his label and therefore immersed himself in completely independent and autonomous creative work. The task was gigantic as the album was recorded and finalised by the artist himself, without any intervention by a third party.

Recording alone also allows to dive into the vision of Glenn Gould who considered the sound recording as one of the most natural ways of expression.

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