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The Recordist – EPK (English)

Discover « The Recordist »

  1. The Recordist - Revolutionary Étude Op. 10 No. 12 (Frédéric Chopin) Raphaël Angelini 0:43
  2. The Recordist - Nocturne in E-flat major Op. 9 No. 2 (Frédéric Chopin) Raphaël Angelini 0:52
  3. The Recordist - Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin) Raphaël Angelini 0:41
  4. The Recordist - 3 pièces pour piano - I. Ailleurs (2002) Raphaël Angelini 0:42
  5. The Recordist - Ricordi - V. Space Cow-boys (2000) Raphaël Angelini 0:45
  6. The Recordist - Ricordi - IV. Alone (2003) Raphaël Angelini 0:48
  7. The Recordist - Ricordi - VIII. Adriatique (2002) Raphaël Angelini 0:56


A record album entirely dedicated to piano solo

Raphaël Angelini’s astonishing new record album is the result of the 20 years that he spent researching on the sound matter and the piano technique. After two opus focusing on the French song, the belgian artist came back to his first love and entirely dedicated his new record to piano solo. This refreshing album contains pieces from Scarlatti, Chopin, Joplin as well as eleven original compositions that Raphaël Angelini wrote in his youth.


Produced and recorded by the artist

Raphaël Angelini wanted to remain true to the spirit of his label and therefore immersed himself in completely independent and automous creative work. The task was gigantic as the album was recorded and finalised by the artist himself, without any intervention by a third party. This is probably the first time that such record is produced as the pianist is traditionally surrounded by a sound engineer and a technician-tuner. Recording alone also allows to dive into the vision of Glenn Gould who considered the sound recording as one of the most natural ways of expression.

Photo : Alessandro Bevilacqua


Anti-virtuoso and anti-system


Raphaël Angelini defines himself as an anti-virtuoso and anti-system pianist: he tries to be an alternative to the elitist world of classical music and takes on the role of popular pianist. He always gives priority to emotion and, through his music seeks to bring together people from all ages and backgrounds. Raphaël Angelini believes that spontaneity, simplicity and improvisation are all essential elements of the recoding process. He considers the sheet music as a basis that can constantly be revisited: nothing is lost, everything is transformed!


An album with therapeutic purpose

The piano on which Raphaël plays was restored by the artisan-technician Laurent Mondy. The high quality Paulello strings of the piano enable a superb sound clarity and an important balance of high pitched, medium and low harmonic reasonances. As an adherent of « tempo giusto », Raphaël Angelini adapted the speed of his music so that it could be played during meditation, autohypnosis or spiritual resourcing sessions. He also plans to play his music in public places such as schools, hospitals or prisons as parts of therapeutic treatments or pedagogic processes. 

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